Guidance and Advisory

Step-by-step support for all your IT projects !

It is essential to be accompanied by experts to face the new digital challenges, and in this sense, our web/mobile company offers you a customized consulting and support service to optimize your company’s activities.

Depending on your problem, our experts will join you to analyze your company’s current situation. Starting with a brainstorming session with you and your stakeholders, we try to understand your business in general, your customers’ needs, and more specifically, their unmet and latent needs.

At the end of this exploratory stage based on several one-to-one interviews, our team draws up a report explaining all the problems of your structure and the specifications of your project. It is then up to you to validate a final estimate according to your project budget.

By relying on solid experience in terms of project design and software development, we suggest one or more solution concepts following the process of design thinking that takes into consideration your competitive environment and puts your end-user at the centre.

Once we choose the solution concept, our team will start the phase of prototyping alongside you, following an iterative process. We then prepare a financial analysis applying several methods, such as calculating the net present value (NPV) to identify the profitability of your investment.

Our experts test the final product until validating a version that best matches your customers’ expectations to ensure that our support brings real added value to your business.


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